Since January 2016, Chris Bean has been the Coordinator of Campus Mission for the USA/Canada NYI. Chris was a youth pastor for 15 years before becoming a campus minister in Cincinnati, OH through a partnership with the Southwestern Ohio District and the CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach).

Partner Organizations

The Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO)

The Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) is a campus ministry organization that partners with churches to engage college and university students with the Gospel. Chris Bean, Coordinator of Campus Mission, has partnered with the CCO for almost a decade. Learn more below.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Campus Mission has also explored strategic relationships with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Currently, Campus Mission has connected with specific staff members of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship connected to local Nazarene Churches.


If you or your church would like to explore ways to engage a college or university campus in your community, please contact Chris Bean for more information.