Where We Serve

The Potter's House (Missouri State University)

After 20 years of ministry, Steve and Berna felt a call to spend the next chapter of their lives as missionaries, assuming that would mean leaving the community they had come to love. As God’s plan began to unfold, it became very apparent that the “mission field” they were called to was not “over there”, but “right here.” With more than 30,000 college students here in Springfield, and more than 600 international students, representing more than 80 foreign countries the doors opened for Steve and Berna to begin The Potter’s House. The Potter’s House officially opened the doors in November 2000. What began with about 20 college students meeting weekly in their home, Potter’s House has grown to more than 800 students walking through the doors of Potter’s House every week. Students from all across the USA, and around the world looking for a place to meet friends, make new friends, have some great coffee and smoothies, and occasionally study, have found a “home away from home” at Potter’s House.

Destinations Coffee House (University of Nebraska Lincoln)

“We had no business going into the coffeehouse business, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense in a counterintuitive sort of way. After all, Jesus didn’t just hang out at the synagogue. He hung out at wells, and wells were the natural gathering places in ancient culture. One day it dawned on me that coffeehouses are postmodern wells. The only difference is that we draw shots of espresso instead of drawing water out of a well. So the dream of creating a postmodern well where our church and community could cross paths was born…”
– The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

Destinations is a coffee house with a unique story to tell. In 2009, an auto shop was renovated into what Destinations is today. Come in through the original garage doors to see beautiful brick and exposed ceilings. Our team of volunteers creates an inviting atmosphere.

The University of Oklahoma

The Nazarene Student Center, Led by Andy Bolerjack, exists to serve and build relationships with the University of Oklahoma community, its students, faculty, and staff. We journey with students through their college years with mentorships, small groups, and outreach opportunities.

The Nazarene Student Center can be found online at OUNSC.org or on various social media platforms by searching @theounsc (Facebook, Twitter, and IG)

The University of Tulsa

The campus ministry to The University of Tulsa is led by Pastor Dianna Lynn Potter. Sponsored by the Northeast Oklahoma District, Dianna ministers to the university’s diverse student body made up of international students from 79 countries (representing over 1/4 of the student body). Dianna also serves as Volunteer District Campus Liaison and is passionate about helping churches become aware of the opportunities God has brought to their front door with college campuses, international students, and immigrants.

Founded by the Presbyterian Church, the University of Tulsa maintains a chapel that is the starting place for all ministries seeking entrance to the campus.

Partnerships with a Tulsa based International Student Ministry, the Wesley Foundation, and Presbyterian events and activities assist in meeting new students and building impactful relationships. In addition, a consistent presence in the student union has proven to be a great way to minister to and pray with students.

Overflow/The Homestead (Pittsburg State University)

Developed by Pittsburg Church of the Nazarene and led by Age Daugherty, Overflow is designed to grow young adults as they begin to live out their faith in a personal way. Overflow provides a laid back and relaxed environment for college students to bring their doubts and questions as the gospel is discussed in a real, relevant way.

The Homestead, a former house now hangout/worship space next door to Pittsburg Church of the Nazarene, provides a convenient place for Pittsburg State University students to relax, do homework, and build meaningful relationships.

The Gathering (Florida Tech University)

The Gathering is a ministry of Melbourne First Church of the Nazarene. Designed with university students and young adults in mind — The Gathering is a place of hospitality and faith. Multicultural, casual, and faith-focused – at The Gathering students experience music, food, friendships and an opportunity to explore the teachings and the ways of God.

Eastern Michigan District

The EMD Campus Ministry is focused on helping college students of Washtenaw County, MI grow in their relationship with the Lord and discover their place in the Kingdom of God.

Ben Strait is the Campus Ministry Director and seeks to facilitate Spiritual growth in the students on the district. EMD’s Campus Ministry goals are to continue connecting with district churches, growing support and awareness of the ministry, working directly with students, and finalizing more of the behind-the-scenes admin stuff so they have a solid foundation going forward. They would love to see the students connecting and making intentional steps in their deepening walks with Christ, as well as seeing some student-led ministries develop.

Please reach out to Ben (emdcampusministry@gmail.com) if you know of any students attending college & university campuses in the area (including, but not limited to U of M in Ann Arbor, EMU, Washtenaw Community College, Concordia, etc). 

California State University, Stanislaus (Turlock) & Modesto Junior College

The campus ministry at these two campuses in Central California is under the direction of Rev. Daniel Glaeser, who splits his time between the Parish (Atwater First Church of the Nazarene) and the campus as a Campus Staff Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. 

Having a foot in both the church and campus world, Dan works to bring places of partnership between the two. Within his District context, there is an effort to educate local churches on the ways that they can come alongside para-church campus ministries to be a presence on campus, without having to create a whole campus strategy alone.  Within his campus context, Dan works with his student leaders to be aware of the ways the local church can be supportive of evangelistic and discipleship activities that are bigger than what students alone can do.

Bridging the gap between the campus and the parish helps both worlds accomplish the mission of Christ together, better and more effectively.