A Letter to Parents Considering NYC 2019

Dear Parents,

We both care about your student’s spiritual walk. We have invested countless hours praying for your student and we have invested money in sending them to camps and retreats that encourage them to grow in their faith. Each of us loves your student and want God’s plans to be evident for their life. We are in this together, and there is a so much at stake.

Your student has just 4 years in high school. These years are formative and shape students hearts, minds, and opinions. Your student needs as many opportunities as possible to be formed by God’s word and the Christian community. Every 4 years, Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) is an opportunity for students to grow in their walk with God. Your student needs NYC because it is so much more than just another worship experience or camp.

NYC is a week of spiritual formation, it is a week that will teach your students about service, a week that will get your student excited about the church, and a week that will show them they are not alone as they worship with other students from across the USA and Canada.

This conference will give your student a new worldview, one where they can begin to see the world the way that God sees it and will encourage them to have the compassion to be a world changer and show others the love of Christ. The year 2019 is coming quickly and if you don’t plan now, your student might miss this formational event.

For many families, the cost associated with NYC can be a deterrent. This year, NYC will be held in Phoenix, AZ and will carry more cost in travel and hotels than our students usually pay for at camps and retreats on their district.

For those of you concerned about the financial cost of NYC, I encourage you to talk with your youth leader, your church board, and your district leadership to find a way for your student to attend NYC.

These leaders may suggest starting to save for NYC now, they may know of fundraising opportunities for your student, and they may be aware of some scholarship opportunities from the local church or district. As a parent, be in prayer with these leaders about the ways that God can provide financially for NYC and model faith for your student as you trust God to help provide.

While the cost may be high, there is a great reward associated with encouraging your student to attend NYC in 2019. Many students have taken on complete life change during a week at NYC. This could be the event for your student to finally accept the love the Christ has for them. Other students that have already found salvation may learn new ways to be creative in their faith and to even be a leader through service and love. NYC is a place where many students have heard a call from God and learned how to respond to God’s call on their life.

In response to the impactful spiritual message, NYC is also an important event to get your student thinking about their future plans. NYC will challenge them to become leaders in their youth groups and churches who are passionate about Jesus. On top of this, NYC will encourage your student to get connected to the Nazarene colleges and other volunteer opportunities that will keep them engaged in the church after they graduate out of the local youth group. As your youth leader, I am already praying that NYC 2019 will ignite a passion for your student that will launch them into young adulthood as a vibrant Christ follower. What are you asking God to do during NYC 2019?

For more information visit NYC2019.com.

Praying for you,
Your Youth Leader

Jen Willard