About NYI Connect

NYI Connect was developed to provide easily accessible resources for youth pastors and leaders across the USA/Canada Region Church of the Nazarene. The site features a variety of resources including blog posts on a wide range of topics, leadership development videos, and a running list of youth ministry websites, blogs, and tools for your convenience. Our hope is that NYI Connect becomes a place where youth pastors and leaders can learn and be equipped for the real world of youth ministry.


The NYI Connect Blog is a combination of original posts written by Nazarene youth leaders and curated posts from some of the most reputable voices in youth ministry today. Posts cover a variety of topics and have been categorized into 4 main categories, Missional, Discipleship, Leadership Development, and Youth Culture.

Original posts, written by NYI leaders, can be identified by a small blue icon in the bottom right corner of the posts’ picture. Take some time to learn from the experiences and insights of Nazarene youth pastors and leaders from across the region.

We invite youth leaders to contribute to the NYI Connect Blog by submitting articles of their own. Do you enjoy writing or know someone who does? Submit a post. 


NYI TalkNYI Talk uses interview-style videos and questions to challenge individuals and teams to reflect on their ministries. We invite you to use NYI Talk in meetings, during retreats, or on your own. 

Let’s Talk AboutLet’s Talk About Videos feature the thoughts and reflections of youth pastors and leaders from across the USA/Canada Region. Featured on UCNYI’s social media pages, new Let’s Talk About Videos will be uploaded each month. 

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Our goal is to connect youth pastors and leaders with resources and tools that make their jobs easier. NYI Connect currently features running lists of our district resources, ministry partners, youth ministry blogs, websites, and helpful tools. These lists can be found on the main menu of NYI Connect under “Resources.”

District Resource LibraryWe hope to empower district leaders with everything they need to lead well. District NYI Presidents and other leaders can browse, view, and download resources all in one place.

Ministry PartnersUCNYI is privileged to partner directly with a diverse group of organizations. We invite you to explore how the resources and offerings of these ministry partners may be helpful in your context. 

Youth Ministry Websites
Featuring many top youth ministry websites, this running list provides detail into each sites’ target audience, strengths, cost, and offered resources.

Youth Ministry Blogs: This list offers short descriptions for a variety of youth ministry blogs as well as a direct link to begin exploring and reading now.

Youth Ministry ToolsA number of apps and tools exist to make many parts of youth ministry easier. This growing list provides connection to tools for graphic design, administration, productivity, and more.