Are Millenials Just Entitled Consumers?

Written by Brad Griffen of the Fuller Youth Institute:

Could this go on without me?

If I stopped showing up, would they notice?

When will I get asked to do something that matters?

You’ve probably heard the accusations that Millennials are fundamentally self-centered and want tailored consumer experiences—for church and everything else. If you’re a Millennial, those accusations may annoy the tar out of you. If you’re not, you might be able to identify some experiences that make this ring true, and others that call it into question.

What we hear less about is how churches can be communities in which young people find not only spiritual goods and services, but also purpose, significance, and calling. What if the young people in our churches are asking the questions above? What if they look around our congregations and wonder, do these people really need me, or am I just an extra, a nuisance, or—worse—a trophy?


Fuller Youth Institute

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