Can I Ask You a Question?

Last week I received a text from one of our students. The text said, “Can I ask you a question – Can you do a lesson about God’s will for our lives?” It was all I could do to contain a touchdown dance! However with the house mostly in bed at that point, I kept my composure.

That excitement stems from hours of prayer for our students. I pray for their relationships. I pray protection over them from the culture they find themselves in daily. Most of all I pray that our students will WANT to know more about their walk with the Father. My desire is they would crave it, chase it pursue it.

Many times I walk away from our times together and wonder – did they even hear what was said? Do they know how much I love them? Do they know how much Jesus desires to walk with them through the things they are facing?

Years ago I heard a speaker tell a story of the “Hot light” at Krispy Creme. You know the one that announces to the world the doughnuts on the line are as fresh as possible. He shared that when that light came on he could not pass it up – it was a beacon calling out to him to come and taste some of the best sugary goodness on the planet. The challenge was for us to begin viewing church with the idea that the “Hot light” is on. We should be so passionate and excited that we get to hear what Jesus wants to say to us that we can’t pass it up, we can’t get enough, we crave it.

Last week I laughed as I drifted off to sleep – There are a lot of lights out there calling to our students. They are hungry they just need to know where and how to satisfy that hunger. I also thought – man I could down a dozen doughnuts right now. 

Jason Underwood
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