NYI Talk: Concerns of College Students

Ministering to college students can seem overwhelming for any size church. How can pastors and leaders wrap their arms around the unique opportunities and challenges that accompany this stage of life? Blair Spindle, University Pastor at Southern Nazarene University and Field Youth Coordinator for the South Central Field, discusses some of the observations he’s made over the course of years of ministry to college students. 

Spend some time reflecting on the questions below as an individual, or as a team, in light of your ministry context. Want to share your thoughts with the larger NYI community? Use #NYITalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to start the conversation.


  1. What is the place of emotion in faith? How does your ministry help students establish consistent Christian practices and rhythms?
  2. How can you or your team differentiate between the “needs” and “wants” of students at every level (middle school, high school, college)?
  3. Do you agree with Blair on the importance of rest or Sabbath for students? What specific things get in the way of students developing patterns of rest?