NYI Talk: Embracing Connectedness

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether technology is a help or a hindrance to youth ministry. The digital age has brought numerous challenges. South Texas District NYI President, Michael Pigg, encourages us to think about technology in creative ways that can improve ministry to youth and their families.

Spend some time reflecting on the questions below as an individual, or as a team, in light of your ministry context. Want to share your thoughts with the larger NYI community? Use #NYITalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to start the conversation.


  1. Is technology helpful or distracting in youth ministry? How so?
  2. How can you creatively eliminate distractions from youth ministry?
  3. How can we model and teach families to embrace connectedness and eliminate distractions?
  4. How are you communicating with parents about issues that are hot topics for their student?
  5. Do you facilitate connection points between parents and students? Why or why not?

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