NYI Talk: Equipping Parents to Disciple

Parents are often referred to as the “primary disciplers” of students. If this is true, great emphasis should be placed on equipping parents to play this role well. Phil Starr, Student Ministries Pastor at Lima Community Church in Lima, Ohio, shares his thoughts on how youth pastors and leaders can better involve parents in the life of youth ministry.

Spend some time reflecting on the questions below as an individual, or as a team, in light of your ministry context. Want to share your thoughts with the larger NYI community? Use #NYITalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to start the conversation.


  1. How can you better invite parents into the space of your youth ministry?
  2. Do parents understand the vision of your youth ministry? Why or why not?
  3. How can you continue to reinforce the idea of doing ministry with families, not for families in your context?