Getting Youth Bible Quizzing Started in Your Church

At the end of June, Q2018 put an exclamation mark at the end of the 55th Nazarene Youth Bible Quiz season. That event brought together hundreds of students and adult leaders in a weeklong extravaganza of fellowship, Spirit-filled worship, and exciting Christian competition on the campus of Mid-America Nazarene University.

Nazarene Youth Bible Quizzing is a great opportunity for students to interact with others around their District, Field, and the Region. With God’s leading, this discipleship program develops young leaders, aids in spiritual maturity, and is instrumental in the call to ministry for countless students. Unquestionably, those who quiz have their spiritual life radically transformed by the experience.

As students and youth leaders continue to realize the significant impact Youth Bible Quizzing has on their relationship with God, they naturally want to invite others to join them for the next season.

While there is never really a bad season to participate in Youth Bible Quizzing, the common perception is that a Gospel year is preferable. Especially to new quizzers, the Gospels seem easier to grasp as they tell a story. In addition, among the Gospels in the quiz cycle, this season’s John is by far the shortest.

Many who see or experience Youth Bible Quizzing for the first time find it immediately compelling. What is not to like about a nine-month Bible study that encourages youth to learn scripture, develop a devotion to God’s Word, go on road trips for competitions, make friends and fellowship with like-minded students across their community and the nation, fortify their ability to witness, and equip them to be effective leaders in the church? Youth Bible Quizzing is undeniably a highly effective youth leadership and discipleship program.

Yet, many churches do not offer Youth Quizzing for their students. While there are many reasons for this, the most common barrier to entry for a potential leader is “I wouldn’t know where to begin”, which is certainly justifiable. For someone who has no experience with Youth Bible Quizzing, it can seem scary and intimidating.

Therefore, if you or someone you know are considering starting a Youth Bible Quiz program at your local church we’ve tried to make getting started as easy as following a recipe. Below you will find a 1-page checklist (front and back). Let it be as much an inspiration as it is a reminder. The back page, especially, is useful all season long. However, the biggest value of the guide is found in the links that connect you directly to a wealth of incredibly useful resources.

In time, tailor this for your specific program–and pass it on to your next Bible Quiz leader when the day comes for you to “quiz out”.

The Quick Start Guide
The Condensed Quick Start Guide


How many students do you need? Just one. But why stop there? That one could be the spark to ignite the future of your Youth Bible Quizzing program!

Is it too late to get started? No! The months in the Quick Start guides are merely a suggestion. Though not ideal, quizzers can join after the season has started. They will need to catch up, of course, but there are many examples where such students end up qualifying for their District all-star team!

Do I need to create a Bible study or have a biblical studies background? No (but if you do, that is fine, too). The Foundry Publishing has materials designed especially for Quizzing you can use for a Bible Study if you so choose.

How much time will it take to lead a Quiz program? It varies between churches and from year-to-year within a church. Factors include the number, age, and experiences of the students, how many other adults are helping you lead, and your goals for your Quiz program. While a weekly 60-90 minute team practice is typical, feel free to add or subtract other group activities as you feel are necessary. The information found on the back of the Quick Start Guide can help you with this.

Lastly, we plan to keep updating these Guides as conditions change and new ideas are shared. So if you are doing something that works for you, please let us know!

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