How to Be Heard: A Young Adult’s Guide to Leadership

Written by Brad Griffin & Rebekah Bled for Fuller Youth Institute:

Figuring out adulthood is hard. Figuring out adulthood in the church can be exponentially hard. In our conversations with emerging adults in their twenties, we hear descriptors like isolating, confusing, marginalizing, and downright infuriating when young people try to put words to their experiences of church. Especially when it comes to being heard.

Perhaps we are so used to the amplified voices of young people on various media platforms that we assume they’re all brazen spokespersons for any and every movement, willing to authentically share their opinions at a moment’s notice. As with most stereotypes, real young adults are rarely like that.

Perhaps we’re far enough away from our own lived experiences of young adulthood that we’ve re-narrated a decade through filters of confidence that age has developed in us.

Or perhaps you’re one of those young adults yourself, navigating your twenties and trying to find your way in the church too. You want to speak up, but you’re not sure how or when. Worse, you get invited to share your thoughts, and suddenly freeze. You aren’t sure how to share in a way that will be received, and you may be concerned about the relational fallout of being forthcoming about your experiences of church.


Fuller Youth Institute