Let’s Talk About . . .

Let’s Talk About Videos feature the thoughts and reflections of youth pastors and leaders from across the USA/Canada Region. We invite you to learn from these other passionate leaders.

Youth Culture: Social Media Boundaries
Youth Culture: Parents & Volunteers
Youth Ministry Budget & Fundraising

Multicultural Contexts

Multicultural Community

Multicultural Voices

Crisis & Tragedy: Seeking Students Out
Crisis & Tragedy: Slowing Things Down

Schools: Interacting with Athletes

Schools: Parachurch Organizations

Schools: Changed Perspective

Unique Personalities: Behavior & Timelines

Middle School Ministry: Mentors

Middle School Ministry: Combining Ministries

Intergenerational Ministry

Dating: Boundaries

Technology: Healthy Use

Technology: Parents

Summer Recovery: Relationships

Summer Recovery: Spiritual Highs

New Believers: Key Elements

New Believers: Teaching on the Denomination

New Believers: First Steps