NYI Talk: Long-Term Investment in Students

Have you ever wondered if you’re making a difference? Sometimes it may feel like you invest and invest with no significant results. Goose Ramos, District NYI President for Central California and Youth Pastor at Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene, shares his story of faithfully investing in the life of a former student.

Spend some time reflecting on the questions below as an individual, or as a team, in light of your ministry context. Want to share your thoughts with the larger NYI community? Use #NYITalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to start the conversation.


  1. How well do you handle relationships with students who seem to be making little to no spiritual progress?
  2. Do you agree with the statement, “It’s not our job to transform, but God will do it in His timing”?
  3. Are there former students you need to check up on or reach out to?