Youth Ministry Podcasts

The thoughts, opinions, ideas, and theology promoted in the youth ministry podcasts listed below do not necessarily represent the official stances of USA/Canada NYI. 

Burlap Podcast

Burlap helps churches reach Millennials and Generation Z, specifically through faith and culture. The Burlap podcast discusses Millennials and Generation Z and how they approach faith and life.

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Download Youth Ministry Podcast

The DYM Podcast feels like a peek into team meeting with Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and the rest of the DYM team where they address youth ministry questions, send encouragement to youth leaders, discuss ministry and laugh together. It’s a relaxed podcast that features thoughts from a handful of youth ministry experts.

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New Creation Conversations with Scott Daniels Podcast

If anyone is in Christ, that person is part of God’s new creation. However, living in the new creation isn’t easy. It takes honesty with God, vulnerability with one another, and the empowerment of the Spirit. These conversations with Christian scholars, pastors, and lay-leaders – hosted by pastor and theologian Dr. Scott Daniels – are meant to encourage, inform, and expand the imagination of those seeking to live as a reflection of Christ’s new creation.

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Orange Students Rethinking Youth Ministry Podcast

A podcast for youth ministry leaders, pastors, volunteers, workers, and anyone who cares about middle school and high school students. Each episode, they hope to raise the bar for youth ministry by asking questions, interviewing thinkers, and having real, honest conversations about what it looks like to lead the next generation. Rethinking Youth Ministry is a podcast from the Orange Students team. Their mission is to help you, the youth leader, influence the next generation.

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Stuff You Can Use Podcast

Helping Church Leaders Be More Awesome.

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The FYI on Youth Ministry Podcast
The Youth Cartel Podcast Network

Youth Ministry Podcasting Network with a wide range of voices and topics in youth ministry.

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To By For Student Podcast
Youth Culture Matters: A CPYU Podcast

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