Top Questions to Ask College Students Before They Head to School

Written by Kara Powell for Fuller Youth Insititute:

When our oldest started high school, multiple older parents told me that high school would fly by. I didn’t believe them, but now that Nathan is diving into eleventh grade, I’ve jumped on the “high school goes so fast” bandwagon.

That’s partly why it’s never too early to start thinking about life after high school.

As we at the Fuller Youth Institute interviewed over 500 high school graduates to try to understand what builds faith that lasts, or what we call Sticky Faith, we were struck by how students repeatedly pointed to the importance of their first two weeks in college. During these crucial first fourteen days, students make key decisions about sex, drinking, and other high-risk behaviors as well as about allegiance with a local church or on-campus ministry.

The decisions that graduates make during those two weeks can set them on a trajectory that lasts for the rest of their college experience.


Fuller Youth Institute