What is UCNYI?

USA/Canada Nazarene Youth International (UCNYI) exists to connect, resource, and empower youth ministry in the over 5,000 local churches on the USA/Canada Region Church of the Nazarene. 


Calling our generation to a dynamic life in Christ





  • We value Young People . . . significant in the kingdom of God.
  • We value the Bible . . . God’s unchanging truth for our lives.
  • We value Prayer . . . vital interactive communication with our heavenly father.
  • We value the Church . . . a global holiness community of faith, diverse in culture but one in Christ.
  • We value Worship . . . life-changing encounters with an intimate God.
  • We value Discipleship . . . a lifestyle of becoming like Christ.
  • We value Community . . . building relationships that help bind us together and to God.
  • We value Ministry. . .extending God’s grace to our world.
  • We value Witness . . . sharing God’s love in word and deed.
  • We value Holiness. . . a work of grace whereby God, through the working of His Holy Spirit, enables us to live a life representing Christ in who we are and in everything we do.


  • NYI exists for youth
  • NYI focuses on Christ
  • NYI is built on relational ministry to youth in the local church
  • NYI develops and mentors young leaders
  • NYI is empowered to lead
  • NYI embraces unity and diversity in Christ
  • NYI creates networks and partnerships