NYI Talk: Youth Ministry & the Larger Church

In order for youth ministry to be meaningful, youth pastors and leaders must thoughtfully seek to connect it to the larger life of the local church. Gary Young, District NYI President and Student Ministries & Executive Pastor at Lubbock First Church of the Nazarene, explores issues such as vision, giving youth a voice in the direction of the church, and empowering others to minister and love.

Spend some time reflecting on the questions below as an individual, or as a team, in light of your ministry context. Want to share your thoughts with the larger NYI community? Use #NYITalk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to start the conversation.


  1. How do you seek to support the vision of the Lead Pastor? Is your vision for youth ministry more like-minded or conflicting with the vision of the Lead Pastor?
  2. Do youth have a voice in the determining the future of your church? Why or why not? How can you as a leader help ensure the voice of the youth is heard?
  3. How are you empowering the people you serve to minister and to love? Do the youth in your church have a basic understanding of what it means to be the Church?